The territory where La Canellese was born, its history, its fruits inspire all company products, from the very first bottle of vermouth produced. This corner of Piedmont is famous for centuries for its excellent wines, which are the basis of the original recipe of our vermouth together with mountain herbs of the nearby Alpine valleys. Spices, another important ingredient for the preparation of flavored wines, vermouths and spirits, were transported for over a millennium by the nearby salt roads, which in the past crossed Piedmont to transport salt and aromas from the ports of Liguria to the transalpine territories. Here at La Canellese we combined the artisan tradition of transforming raw materials with what the territory offered in the past and still offers today (wines, officinal plants from the Alps and from the salt roads).



The centuries-old winemaking craftsmanship of Piedmont is also employed in the production of flavored wines and fine vermouths in the area. Calamandrana, a few kilometers from Alba and Canelli, and its surroundings make wine for centuries: their charming landscape and their viticultural and enological history made this area a World Heritage Site in 2014.



Wormwood and other officinal plants of the Piedmontese mountains were and still are quality ingredients for the production of flavored wines, vermouths and spirits. Today officinal plants selected to produce liquors and vermouths come from all over the world. They are certified, traced and top quality, collected in their typical land of origin and carefully worked with artisan care.



Here, through the walled hill towns around Asti, the precious spices of the East were transported from the Ligurian ports to the countries beyond the Alps. These precious ingredients came in contact with local products and gave birth to new recipes rich in oriental scents that together with wine and mountain herbs still give our products a continuity between past present.