Vermouth Chinato is the perfect idea for an original surprise at the end of the meal. An exceptional, yet atypical vermouth, almost exclusively dedicated to after dinner toasts. The unmistakable intensity of rhubarb, gentian and cinnamon with exotic hints of nutmeg and the pleasant bitterness of digestive cinchona bark give to each drop a unique perspective, soft and delicate with light notes of vanilla.

Melange of Italian white wines, sugar and top quality alcohol, with an infusion of 30 fragrant roots and plants, including wormwood, calumba, marjoram, sweet and bitter orange zest, gentian, angelica, sage and vanilla. Colored with caramel.

la Canellese Vermut utilizza solo corteccia di china di prima qualitàCINCHONA BARK
Cinchona Succirubra
la Canellese Vermut utilizza solo vaniglia di prima qualitàVANILLA
Vanilla Planifolia
la Canellese Vermut utilizza solo genziana di prima qualitàGENTIAN
Genziana Lutea

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