Vermut Bianco is the velvet celebration of sweetness, full of fresh notes of gentian and aromatic herbs, enriched by charming sandalwood hints. Vermut Bianco “La Canellese” is the coolest vermouth of the family: it delights the finest palates with its glamour and fresh appeal, on the rocks with a lemon twist or mixed in delicate and creative cocktails for a floral aperitif that tastes like spring.

Melange of selected Italian white wines, sugar and top quality alcohol, enriched by a selection of 28 botanicals and made with a long and artisan process. The light bitter notes of the absinth, Roman and Alpine wormwood, of marjoram, sandalwood, gentian and laurel stand out.

la Canellese Vermut utilizza solo assenzio gentile di prima qualitàROMAN WORMWOOD
Artemisia Pontica L.
la Canellese Vermut utilizza solo alloro di prima qualitàLAUREL
Laurus Nobilis
la Canellese Vermut utilizza solo genziana di prima qualitàGENTIAN
Genziana Lutea

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